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Why AMC Quote?
Written by Clive Wu
Updated over a week ago

AMC Quote comes with several benefits:

  • Real-time Rates
    Get real-time AMC rates with port-pair searches instead of asking for quotes which usually takes hours to a day

  • Transparency
    Instant full price details including ocean freight, origin and destination charges listed right at booking stage

  • Import-Export Interaction (Shared Quote)

    Compatible with multiple Incoterms and trade modes, e.g., Importer searches rate and exporter select sailing than book

  • Book at Fingertips
    Book from anywhere with our web-friendly booking platform, accessible through PCs and mobile devices

  • Milestones

    Get milestone updates like Booked, Confirmed, Shipped on Board, Arrived, etc., as booking progresses

  • No contract or volume commitment required

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